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So you sailed away into a grey sky morning, now I'm here to stay, love can be so boring!!

Lil Ol Me...
To My Closest Friends...
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To My Closest Friends...

Most ya'll already know who ya are but this is a page dedicated to some of my really good friends!

Hey ya'll! Well I just thought I'd tell of few of my closest friend how awesome they are and share a few..."inside jokes" lol!

A.K.A... yep u guessed it RETARD BUS!!!! We have have so many "INSIDE JOKES" I dont think I can put them all on here n have time to add anyone else. lol Umm...let me think of a few...LOOK ITS UR TWIN!!!! lol thats where ur nickname came from...umm..HOE HEAVE lol I think we should go to retard school together instead of just you. lol
You are a GREAT friend n I hope we always stay close. LOVE YA GIRL!

Hey hun! You've helped through a lot this summer! Thanks so much for bein there for me. Good luck with ***** or ***** whichever you would rather have! lol Your lucky you've got guys after you! lol Wish I could say the same! lol I still think your wrong about him wantin me! lol


Hey! We have been good friends for a really long time. I hope you have a wonderful life and I hope you succeed in all that you do. NEVER CHANGE YOUR WAYS!!!!!

Tiffany B.
Hey! Well we only met this year but your a great person! Hope you decide to come to LHS next year with the rest of us! Have a great summer! Look you got the icon u wanted!!!!! lol

Hey! You are such a great friend! Your like a little ball of energy 24/7! lol We have been great friends since elementary school and I hope we always stay close!

Hey! I've known you for the longest time! We have only recently started talkin again tho n I'm so glad we have! You are an awesome person!


Tiffany E.
Hey! I just started talkin to ya like 2 weeks ago but you seem like a really sweet person! YOU ROCK! lol

Hey! We were the best of friends way back when but then we drifted apart. WHAT HAPPENED? Who knows! I'm just glad we have gotten close again and I hope we have a blast next year at LHS!


Hey! We've been friends for about 4 years and you are freakin' hilarious! You always know how to make everybody crack up! You have a kick boo-tay personality and remember if you ever change...I'LL KICK YOUR BUTT!!! lol