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So you sailed away into a grey sky morning, now I'm here to stay, love can be so boring!!

Lil Ol Me...
To My Closest Friends...
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Lil Ol Me...

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

My names Ashley "shu-shu" Shuler or(as haley calls me)...SINKIN ARMY SHIP dont ask. I'm about 5'10 dark skin, dark hair, and green eyes. My favortie sport-to play-is probably basketball, but I can't stand to watch it. My favortie sport to watch is probably baseball. I'm a little bit of a ditz every now and then, but HEY aren't we all? I have several friends,to many to name, but most of them got shout-outs on my shoutout pg. I guess thats enough about me...

Here is a pic of me! Me and Haley were actin stupid and playin with the camera but the pics turned out really good!!! lol


My Favorite Quote

"Hell them bulls ain't got nothin against ya, they just wanna buck ya off and get on with their business, people hurt ya alot sooner"
Lane Frost...8 Seconds

Some of my fav. crap...

Favorite TV Show: Probably Meet The Barkers or Kept
Favorite Movie: 8 Seconds
Favorite Music: Anythang
Favorite Book: I never read! lol
Favorite Sports Team: Braves or Hokies
Favorite Food: mac n cheese
People I Most Admire:
My brother